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Availability of ResearcherID badges/mashlets over HTTPS (secure)

I've been looking at integrating ResearcherID badges into some of our web systems, where pages are served solely over HTTPS.  Unfortunately, the ResearcherID badge resources do not load over HTTPS (server not contactable against, and a standard browser will reject loading the current HTTP (insecure) resources from within a secure web page.


Can this support be added?


I'm certain I won't be the only organisation in the same situation, since many websites and web applications out there operate over HTTPS for a variety of reasons.


I've submitted a support case (TS-01455750) & am awaiting a response.  Oddly, the initial response I received was in Korean.  Unsure if that's the desired effect for support questions, but an online translator helped out.



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Re: Availability of ResearcherID badges/mashlets over HTTPS (secure)



Thank you for your submission to the ResearcherID Forum. You are correct, at this time ResearcherID (RID) Badges cannot be integrated with 3rd party systems where pages are served solely over https.


I see that you have included the technical support ticket number. Thank you. The case owner will submit your comments to the RID developers for possible inclusion in a future release. All correspondence with the case will be, going forward, handled by the technical support representative.


Hope this helps.

Christopher Stanwood
Customer Technical Support Representative
Global Customer Support

Thomson Reuters