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Citation map problem

I have tried to use the option "citation map", inside of this, the window with the paper's list and the window with the paper's information load perfectly but the window of the citation map doesn't.

This is the error :


Class Not found Exception (com.thomson.applet.StarTreeApplet.class)



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Re: Citation map problem

Dear Pabloriquemec,


Java needs to be installed and enabled in order for the Citation Map to load.


Please make sure you have the following set within your Internet Explorer Browser settings:


A) Go to Tools, select "Manage Add-ons," make sure the "Java Plug-In" is enabled

B) Go to Tools, select "Internet Options," click on the "Security" tab, select  "Custom Level..." make sure "Scripting of Java Applets" is set to Enabled.


If you have carried out the above, you may need to reinstall your Java, but you must uninstall all versions of Java that may be on your machine.

To do this,

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Control Panel.
  3. Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Locate Java programs and uninstall. 
  5. After all Java programs have been uninstalled, open Internet Explorer and go to the Web of Science. At this point, execute a search and select a record from the Results List. Click on the Citation Map link. At this point, the required version of Java should download automatically.

If you are still experiencing issues you will need to submit a technical support ticket to us so that we can investigate your issue further. You can send your contact information and description of your issue by opening a technical support eticket here:

Best Regards

Tarnjeet Nandra
Customer Technical Support Executive
Global Customer Support
Thomson Reuters

Technical Support:
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Re: Citation map problem - solved

[ Edited ]

Having struggled with this and had to look elsewhere for the solution I've found it.


You'll need to open the "Configure java" programme outside your browser. (Start > search > java > configure java on windows 7) 


Leave security on high on the slider, below this there's an "exception site list" area, click the "Edit Site List..." button and add a site exception for 


Then it will work.


See for screen shots and details- note this is Java 7, update 51 and later only, link to the FAQ from above page is helpful.


(The recommendations above from Thompson Moderator are about as useful as a chocoloate teapot, or perhaps "as incomplete as Spain's bid to retain the World cup" might be a better metaphor?)




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Re: Citation map problem - solved

Thank you very much - that finally got it to work for me.


But Java still compains that "This is an unsigned app". Surely this should be a simple matter of signing the app for Reuters, and we could all avoid diging around in the security settings and enduring countless warnings?


As it is, it looks rather incompetent. And it is indeed a security risk, since the app could easily be manipulated by an attacker with access to the network.