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New User
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎05-09-2013

My id disappeared

i had used the for more than 2-3 I tried my link on my blog and it says the link does not exist...


how could the system forgot my id?


I could still log in using my email but it seems that D-5485-2011 no longer exists....


is this a temporary error?




Posts: 22
Registered: ‎05-19-2009

Re: My id disappeared

Dear Zach,


I am able to see this ResearcherID profile when I search by the profile number. Please clear your browser cache and cookies and then log in again – either go directly to  and sign in with your email or ResearcherID number, or first access Web of Knowledge as you usually do and use the “My ResearcherID” link after signing in with your email. If you then still have any problems accessing your profile, please submit a Technical Support ticket at the link below so we can assist you. 

Marylou Warwick
Customer Technical Support Representative
Global Customer Support
Thomson Reuters