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ResearcherID citations are much lower than Web-of-Science citations



I have a technical question: ResearchID and WoS are supposed to be linked now. Indeed, I have the same number of publications reported (21).


However, ResearcherID reports 98 cites while in WoS 160 cites are reported. Consequently, also the other parameters such as h-factor are lower in ResearchID (h-factor 7 vs. 9)


For some articles, such as in Angewandte Chemie, no cites at are reported in ResearchID.


Is there any way to fix this?


Thanks, Robert

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Re: ResearcherID citations are much lower than Web-of-Science citations



I believe the discrepancy here is that four of your articles were not added to your ResearcherID publication list using Web of Science


Articles in your ResearcherID publication list that were added from Web of Science will be linked to the record in Web of Science and have citation data.  I do see that the four articles that are not linked are in Web of Science and currently have a total Times Cited of 62.


What you should be able to do to resolve this is to use our “Update Using Web of Science” feature.  While logged in to your profile, click on the “Manage List” button where your publication list is shown.  This should bring you to your Manage My Publications list page.  From here you can check off the four articles with missing citation data, and click Update Using Web of Science.  If the system can find a match based on the bibliographic information in the record, it should return citation data and provide links to the Web of Science record.


If it doesn’t find a matching record, you could also try removing the record and adding it again using the Add publication link on your profile page. Make sure to add the record via Web of Science to make sure the citation data is populated.


If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to submit a case using our web form and we will be glad to assist you:

Nathan Sutton
Customer Technical Support Representative
Global Customer Support

Thomson Reuters
New User
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-01-2011

Re: ResearcherID citations are much lower than Web-of-Science citations

Thanks for the competent answer!


For 3 articles the "Update using Web of Science" worked fine, only 1 article I had to delete and to include again.


Best regards, Robert