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Safari web browser

I use Safari as my web browser, and have noticed the following issues with ResearcherID.


On my ResearcherID homepage (where I am taken when clicking on the badge) the default setting lists the top 10 publications, ordered by number of times cited.  So far so good.  However ...


1. When I click on "Citation Metrics" (under "Publications" on the left side of the page), nothing happens.  (When using Firefox, clicking on "Citation Metrics" brings up a histogram of citations by year, along with assorted statistics.)


2. When I click on the forward arrow, in an attempt to bring up the next 10 items in my ordered list of publications, the system apparently gets hung up.  I get a "Working ..." message but nothing further occurs.


3. Similarly, starting from the default setting of my ResearcherID homepage, when I try to change the sorting preference from "Times Cited" to something else (like "Publication Year"), the system again gets stuck in the "Working ..." mode.

Thomson Reuters
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Re: Safari web browser

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Dear Chrisj,


Unfortunately there is an issue with the Safari web browser used on ResearcherID which means it remains at the working stage. This is sometimes due to a problem in which ":80" is not present in your page URL. To fix, please try adding ":80" after the .com, for example:  If you do continue to have issues please do not hesitate to contact Customer Technical Support at:


Kind regards,





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