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Registered: ‎02-19-2013

Where can I find the title list of ResearcherID?

I found some papers are missing and some are double counted on the list.
I have heard only papers of indexed journals can be included on the list.
Could I get the title list of the indexed journals for me to check if some are truly missing?

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Re: Where can I find the title list of ResearcherID?

There are 3 ways to add records to your profile:
1. Searching Web of Science / Web of Knowledge
2. Via Endnote Web
3. Uploading an RIS file
Thus, any record can be added to your ResearcherID profile. However, only Web of Science records will generate Times Cited metrics. You can refer to the Master Journal List for Web of Science journal titles to check against your profile paers. Or you can use the "Update using Web of Science" feature which will check your publication lists for matching papers in Web of Science. To do this:
Login to your ResearcherID profile
Click on "Manage Lists"
Check the records in question
Click on "Update using Web of Science"
When Web of Science is loaded each week this feature will update your times cited counts even for records added to your account outside of Web of Science.
The Master Journal List can be found at:
Here, you can check the publication lists pdf documents, or you can search the Journal Lists for Searchable Databases for each Web of Knowledge file.
Last, you can search our Knowledgebase or open a Technical Support support case at:
Hope this helps.
Christopher Stanwood
Customer Technical Support Representative
Global Customer Support

Thomson Reuters