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close account

I would like to close my ResearcherID account. There is no formal procedure or link to do that. I also find it strange that there is no way to contact anyone directly with issues about the ResearcherID account (like "contact us"). One of the main reasons for closing the account, is that our institution canceled the subscription for the Web of Science. There is no easy way now to update the publication list for the ResearcherID account, and uploading text files is useless for me if these citations cannot be included into the citation metrics. In that case, there is no need to have an account, and I would like to close it. Please advise on this matter.   

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Re: close account

[ Edited ]

Although this was not originally so, is has for some time now been possible to add citation data to publication entries in a ResearcherID profile, even if the publication entries were not originally added from Web of Science and even if you do not have access to Web of Science. You may not have been aware of this development.


Within ResearcherID you can invoke a function which attempts to match the bibliographic data from publications (added from a non Web of Science source), with Web of Science records. Citation counts are then assigned to those publication entries which are successfully matched with Web of Science records.


After logging in to ResearcherID and while viewing your Researcher Profile, you can do this by clicking on the "Manage List" button just above the publication list, and then clicking on "Update Using Web of Science" button after selecting which publications need updating.


A more visual description of the above procedure can be found by visiting our support page at the URL below and typing the following KnowledgeBase article number (110541) into the search box and click SEARCH:


I hope this helps. If you still require further more specific assistance with managing your ResearcherID account please open a technical support case with us so that we can investigate your issue further. This can be done by visiting the above support URL.


Dante Burford
Customer Technical Support Executive
Thomson Reuters