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How to display the citation distribution numerically

Hi.  Can anyone tell me how to get the citation distribution as shown in the "My Publications: Citation Metrics " window in a tabulated form?  It is too difficult to work out what values the bars in the bar chart actually represent.


Alternatively is there a way of exporting the citation metrics data so that we can make up a table our self in excel?  I would make up my own table, but I don't know where the Citation Metrics window is getting this information from for the number of citations for my papers each year.  Does that make sense?


Any thoughts or suggestion would be helpful, I don't really understand these citation metrics.


Many thanks,


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Re: How to display the citation distribution numerically



The Citation Metric information within ResearcherID is generated from the Web of Science and only available for publications indexed within the Web of Science. You can retrieve this information from the Web of Science by searching for your ResearcherID (using the "ResearcherID" search field on the Web of Science search screen) and creating a citation report of the search results. There is an option to export this citation report to Excel which will tabulate the number of citation per year for your publications.


However please note you will not be able to search Web of Science for your ResearcherID immediately after adding new publications to your profile, as it can take up to two weeks for the ResearcherID to be linked with these publications

within the Web of Science.


I hope this information helps.

Best Regards

Amar Patel

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Thomson Reuters