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Problems with email addresses in ResearcherID

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  1. I suggest to think for a solution to avoid indexing our emails in search engines and spam lists. When we select the public option for our email address in our profile, the email address will be  written in the complete form that will cause problems regarding spams. A solution is to replace "." with "DOT" or "@" with "AT", etc or to create an image from the email address so that just human can read the email.
  2. When we change our email address to another email address, we will not be able to switch to our first email address as we receive an error message that says "This email address already exists for another user. If you have previously registered, please try to Login."  
    I tried to check if someone else is using my first email address so I used "forgotten password" option but it says that this email address is not associated with any account! but when I want to use it as my email address and change my current email address to it, it says it is in use by another user!  
  3. It is not possible to enter an alternative email address for emergency cases like forgetting password, etc.
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Re: Problems with email addresses in ResearcherID

Within the Web of Knowledge platform (which includes ResearcherID) the user's email address is the username – the basic credential that controls access to subscribed-to products. When creating a ResearcherID profile it is best to use the same email address that was used to create the Web of Knowledge account. When different email addresses are used problems can arise – especially with regard to passwords.


The error message "This email address already exists for another user. If you have previously registered, please try to Login” does not indicate that another user is in your account. It merely means that the email address you are trying to use is already in the Web of Knowledge system as a username.


In situations such as this we suggest that you contact Thomson Reuters Technical Support at:


1-800-336-4474; menu option #4


Hope this helps.


Christopher Stanwood
Customer Technical Support Representative
Global Customer Support

Thomson Reuters