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Requirement to provide initial in "Add to"



I have stumbled across a problem in finding and adding publications to my list in Reseracher ID. Both in Web of Knowledge and in Web of Science, if I type in "Abrahamczyk" as surname with out an initial I get 8 publications listed, which is correct. But if I add "S" as an initial (the first name is Stefan), then I only get 4 hits, missing 4 relevant papers. Now, there are two questions:

1) Why does this happen? It may not be a problem with such a special surname, but with Smith, I want to be sure that I find the correct papers...

2) If I go to the "Add to" menu in Reseracher ID, the initial is a required field, so that I am unable to find all relevant publications. One way I see to circumvent this is by adding papers via EndnoteWeb, but that requires me to serach for the papers otherwise, which is very inconvenient.

Any other solutions available?



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Re: Requirement to provide initial in "Add to"



In response to your query, this is happening because in some of the articles, the first name is indexed as 'Stefan' instead of simply the initial 'S'.


To avoid issues of this type, when searching for authors we recommend truncation of the first initial when making author searches by adding an asterisk '*' at the end:


Last / Family Name: Abrahamczyk

First Initial(s): S*


A fuller explanation of this can be found on the following Web of Knowledge help page:


When I truncate the initial i.e. S*, I see only 7 papers when I run the search. There is a paper by K. Abrahamczyk, I presume this is a different researcher (the paper also is in the geosciences area, and not ecology as with all the 7 papers by S. Abrahamczyk).


I hope this helps.


Dante Burford
Customer Technical Support Executive
Healthcare & Science
Thomson Reuters

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Re: Requirement to provide initial in "Add to"