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Is it possible to have ResearcherID deduplicate records on the list.

Because you have to add yourself the latest publication you may not remember precisely which one you already added.

At the moment it is possible to have a duplicate WoS record in the ResearcherID list.

It seems to me, that it should not be so difficult to simply deduplicate them automatically.


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Re: Deduplication

There are several options for removing duplicates from your publication list.


First, there is a feature in ResearcherID that allows you to automatically remove duplicate records when you are adding publications to your list. Please go to “Manage Profile” and then the “Publications” tab – there is an option for “Allow Duplicates”. Checking “No” means that if you happen to add a publication already on your list, it will not be added again. Be sure to click the “Submit changes” button to apply any change to this setting.


The simplest way to identify and remove duplicate records already existing in your list is to go to “Manage List” then sort by Title. This allows you to easily identify duplicate records and you can use the checkbox and the “Delete Selected Publications” button to remove them.


You can also do this by managing the list in Endnote Web, which has a “Find Duplicates” feature under the “Organize “ tab.


I hope this information is useful. If you have a specific problem with any of this, please submit a Technical Support ticket at 

Marylou Warwick
Customer Technical Support Representative
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