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Forced login to Athens (and, possibly, other authorisation services)

Although ResearcherID is advertised as a free service, in my experience, it does not always act like one, at least not on the computers that sometimes use Athens.


  • I have a ResearcherID page bookmarked on my home computer. Whenever I attempt simply opening my ResearcherID page (without logging in) the system attempts to log me in into Athens. This is very annoying and it wastes my time by asking me to go through several redirection pages (including a password input form), because often I only need my list of publications and not the full blown access to the system;
  • If I was logged into Athens several hours ago, and the access ticket has expired, then instead of showing me my ResearcherID page, the system just says that my access to Athens has expired, so I have to start the procedure from scratch;
  • The combination of these two problems means that when my university's Athens authorisation server is down, I am not able to access ResearcherID at all.

I feel that with these complications, it is difficult recommending to add the ResearcherID badge to your email signature. For the system to be truly useful, it needs to be properly transparent, so that the user is confident that any recipient can open the correct page with a single click. Multiple redirections and attempts to authorise at unwanted services are not a good style on the modern web.

Thomson Reuters
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Re: Forced login to Athens (and, possibly, other authorisation services)



Thank you for your feedback on ResarcherID. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. As a workaround, clearing your browser cache/cookies should solve the issue.


If you require further assistance, please send your contact information and case issue within the following Webform:




Ellen Rotenberg
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Thomson Reuters
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Re: Forced login to Athens (and, possibly, other authorisation services)

Thank you