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Registered: ‎05-18-2011

Remove "date added" from publication list in ResearcherID

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Next to the publication list on the profile, users can view the date of "publication added". I think this is unneeded to the public eye since it displays the delay of keeping "up to date" and offers no additional information. It just discredits the author for adding a publication "too late".


Do you have any particular reason for displaying "date added" to the public eye? If not, could you disclose this information?


Sincelery yours


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Re: Remove "date added" from publication list in ResearcherID

Please don't do what this poster suggests, at least not until you have the administration functionality available. I am utterly dependent on the 'date added' data item so that I can see that the scientists in my organization have been checking and adding publications to their profile on a regular basis. When I don't see any activity on an account for more than 6 months, and I think there are pubs to add, that date tells me to remind the scientist in question to please update their profile.


I don't know what RID intended that item for, but that's what I use it for.

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Re: Remove "date added" from publication list in ResearcherID

date is very important to remind us about the time for we to always be alert for everything does exsist or not, because if we remove or delete the date we won't know when did we start it or its been how long since we made it until it had any result