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ResearcherID profiles of predatory journals

Some (probable) predatory journals use ResearcherID to fool authors into publishing with them.

For example, "International Journal of Current Research" (journal on the Beall's list) uses RID profile C-9046-2014. The publications in the list are from different authors who published in that journal. Journal's web page then uses this profile to create false impression that it is indexed in WoS database (webpage is flooded with ResearcherID and Thomson Reuters logos).

Another cases are P-8165-2015 which belongs to "International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology" and L-4861-2016 which belongs to "International Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Science and Technology", (both on the Beall's list).

Is there any possibility to filter out and cancel these profiles? Would it be possible to create a service where users can point them out? Their existence is clearly in a conflict with the ResearcherID terms of use.