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distinct author sets in WoS

Why not use the information provided by the authors participating in ResearcherID to improve the "Distinct Author Sets" in Web of Science? In my case, the distinct author sets are inaccurate but I provide all on information on my own publications through ResearcherID (and Endnote Web). This could also be used to provide an accurate distinct author set (at least for one person with my name) in WoS.


Thomson Reuters
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Re: distinct author sets in WoS

Hello, and thank you for your interest in ResearcherID.


 I am pleased to tell you that incorporation of ResearcherID information within the Web of Science is something that we have in development for 2011. We will share more details when available.


In the meantime, all ResearcherID members should make sure that their ResearcherID My Publication list only contains items that they have authored to ensure accuracy.




Ellen Rotenberg
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Re: distinct author sets in WoS

.. not sure this will always be desirable. In my case, I have decided not to add 100% of my papers listed in WoS to my ID, because some of them are editorials, conference abstracts, papers in 2nd class places, corrections of an earlier paper, or even papers about me, and that all makes no sense for calculating citations. What I could imagine is, that each ResearcherID can have 2 lists of papers, the one which should be used for bibliometry (basically what we have today), and all the other references (correct author, less desirable for bibliometrics).