Abstract absent from library window

I have been using EN from version 5 to X2.0.1. Since I upgraded to the most recent version (X2), imported citations do not show the abstract in the library window, whereas in all previous versions the abstract was included (with rare expections e.g. Nature sites), without my needing to alter any settings.All older references in the library still show the abstract, where it was available.

I note a message at the top of the lower window: “No bibliographic style is inititalized.”

I did remove a large number of styles from the Styles folder to speed up the program, but have all the regularly used styles within the original folder.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

You need to select a style that shows the abstract, if you are referring to the abstract showing in the preview window. 

The default upon loading Endnote the first time is “Annotated” wihich includes the abstract and if you deleted that one, and I assume not “select another style” from the dropdown list, your would get the message you noted.  You may need to rescue the annotated style, or edit a style to show the abstract and save as “display” for example and leave that as your library selected style. 

Thank you Leanne for your prompt and as always helpful and comprehensive response. It is time that I investigated X2 more thoroughly!