Advantages of combining different references in the one citation

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I started writing my PhD thesis many iterations of Endnote ago, using a footnote style, and either it wasn’t possible to combine different citations within the same set of { } or I didn’t know how to do it. I now find that in the earlier parts of my work, when I look at the unformatted citations, each reference within the one footnote appears in its own set of { } eg: {Bloggs, 2014 #123}, {Smith, 2010 #123}, but in the newer material, they are combined in the one set of { } eg {Bloggs, 2014 #123;Smith, 2010 #123}. I am wondering if there is any advantage in going back over the old material and combining each of the individual references. I am probably looking at upwards of 200 instances, so there would need to be a reasonable advantage for me to spend the time that I could use in other ways.



All you should have to do is search and replace }, { with }{ (no space) and it should combine them fine.  Alternatively, you could replace with a semi-colon space.  That is also true if some of them are only separated by a space.  searching with } { and replacing with }{

Hi. Actually, it is another question. I am writing a paper and it is happening something weird. For example: the first time I mention a paper it is perfect (Rosa et ., 2016). But the second time the citation changes for Rosa, Borstad, 2016. The references are not duplicate at the end of the paper. But, they are changing inside the text. Could you help me? have you ever seen it?



so if a different question, start a different thread?  

– your style probably has different settings for the subsequent cites of the same citations.  Attach your output style and we can have a look, or edit the style to make subsequent same as first mention settings.  see attachment

Actually, it seems that what I need to do is replace }, { with just a ; - which then puts all the references into the one set of curly brackets. :slight_smile: No idea why I didn’t think of a simple search and replace!!