Ambiguous Author name when there is only one instance of that author

Seems a complciated question…

  1. Using APA 7th, under Bibliography, the rule to deifferentiate ambiouous citations is to include the author name instead of initials).

  2. I got result of a citation in my word file:

Kok, P., Bains, Lauren J., van Mourik, T., Norris, D. G., & de Lange, F. P. (2016). …

And this is the corresponding Author in EndNote X9

Kok, Peter
Bains, Lauren J.
van Mourik, Tim
Norris, David G.
de Lange, Floris P.

-> Why is Bains, Lauren J. not initalized. but Norris, D. G.

3.  I suspect it is related to duplicated authors.

So I search: Search Whole Library, Any Field, Contains, ‘Bains’

Only the above record pop up.

I also does not have Trash.

  1. I checked the Term list:

There is only one Author named:

Bains, Lauren J.

no other ‘Bains’ in the record.

So why does Endnote think that I have an ambigous author that requires full name instead of initalis normally?

(X9.3.3 Bld 13966, Win 10 1909, Word 365 version 2002, CWYW

that is a puzzle.  Is the document seeing the library copy or a temporary library copy of the citation? (in Word, in the endnote ribbon menu, “edit and manage citations” will show where Endnote is looking for the citation.)

Have you tried deleting and retyping the Bains author name in your endnote record, making sure there are no extra spaces?