Anyone seen this error?

Recently, I had a virus invade my computer, but it was successfully quarantined.  EN was working fine prior to that.  Late last week, I went to edit a book chapter I previously worked on to add some additional references, and when I clicked onto the PubMed link, it refused to open and came up with the following error:

"Windows Error: 12029. “A connection to the server could not be established.”

I tried it on another computer in the office, and it worked fine.

I’ve swept my entire drive three times, I’ve updated, downloaded and even removed and reinstalled EN, still nothing.

If anyone can offer me any assistance, I’d be appreciative.


I would try clearing your cache files and perhaps your cookies and history too from your default browser - also, try copying the pubmed connection file from  a machine that works to the machine with the problem? 


As mentioned within this FAQ- :

“The 12007 (or any error in the 12xxx range) message can happen when attempting to connect and it is most often caused by EndNote’s Internet access being restricted by some kind of Internet security software running on the system. Make certain that any Internet security or firewall software is configured to allow EndNote full access to the Internet, or that such software is disabled.”

Please let me know if this helps.

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I have this massege and I don’t know how do resolve it ? someone can help us ?