Avoid spam, don't include your email address in forum messages!

Just a reminder, that unless you want your email to be available to email harvesters and used for spam, avoid putting your email address in any forum message or reply (here or any other similar forum list!).  Use Private Message (the little grey envelope under the search bar in the upper right corner) to contact other forum participants directly.  – of course you need to check it too, to see if someone has sent you a message! It will have a parenthetical number under it, if there are unread messages.  You can access the private messaging by clicking on the name of a user you want to contact and finding the “send this user a private message” link along the right side of their profile.

I decided to put this in the Endnote general forum itself rather then the “Discussion” forum, since it is the most active, and I don’t know how many read the  “Discussion” forum regularly.  

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