Better handling for "Book Reviews" in the Chicago A style

My bibliography is rife with book reviews, which I register as “journal articles” using the “reviewed item” field.

Since Endnote does not provide separate fields for the reviewed item title and the reviewed item author(s), I enter both pieces of information in the “reviewed item” field, as follows:

[Title of reviewed item], by [author of reviewed item]

for example:

Reviewed item: Four Analytic Essays, by David Lewin 

In the Chicago A style, the bibliographic output is the following: 

Hall, Rachel Wells. Review of Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations, by David Lewin. Journal of the American Musicological Society 62, no. 1 (2009): 205-22. 

There are two problems, however:

  1. Chicago requires that the title (but not the author) of the reviewed item be underlined. This is impossible in Endnote since both author and title are entered in the same field (“reviewed item”).

  2. Most important, it appears impossible for Endnote to provide a shorter version of the “reviewed item” field for repeated citations, as Chicago requires.

Would anyone oblige me with any tips?

Thank you. 

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