BMS evaluation grid

new edition of:
Bibliography Management Software
with a Detailed Analysis of Some Packagesis available at:

Francesco Dell’Orso
Universita’ degli studi di Perugia: CSB-Centro servizi bibliotecari
Piazza dell’Universita’ 1 - 06100 Perugia (Italy)
tel.: (0039)-0755852302; e-mail: <>; fax: 0039 - 0755852027

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Thank you.

I don-no… I like to have the resource, and he is just hitting the three audiences who might want to see the comparisons…

Yes, if it is posted with information more in detail, like “this is the website that compares multiple software”.

However, it just appears like SPAM, and so many invitations to malicious websites come like this format.

You never know until you go to the website and find it is safe or not. If not, we are hit by all sorts of spyware/trojhorse/etc.