Bring back X9 user interface

I suspect you will be waiting a loooong time…

Ugh. I hope they can do it sooner.

Why change it? Typists have muscle memory, and it is difficult and frustrating to have to change because they will automatically type what is now the “wrong” thing and carry on. Probably only noticing when something has gone very wrong because the combination of keys has done something completely unexpected. Changing things like this is VERY bad practice in software design.

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I have been an Endnote user since V8 (not X8) I agree with most of the other points on the UI. Had I read this forum before upgrading from V19, I would not have done so.

From the comments across this forum, unless Clarivate do something they won’t be loosing “users” but whole institutions and site licences.

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I am old and have used Endnote since DOS. I have not updated from X9.


Here’s another one:

You can click on All references inn the tab or sidebar, and only the results of the previous search, even with all fields for search cleared, appear. Quite a time waster.

That is one of the problems. This is not exactly a high traffic forum, and most of the problems seem to fall into the same broad categories. So it would save Clarivate a hell of a lot of unhappy users, leading to bad press, lost users and general decline in their profile/status among the user community. As there are alternatives to EndNote ultimately it could end the product and the jobs of those developing it. So I would have thought they would have a vested interest in ensuring good feedback with their users.

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I agree with this message and with most or all of the replies. I have been using EndNote since as far back as version 2 or 3! I MUCH prefer the X9 interface; it is more readable, more information can be viewed in one screen because there is less blank space between references, and it is much more intuitive. I suspect Clarivate felt the need to put their own stamp on this version, but to me it is a giant step backwards.

I also really liked the option in X9 of choosing among multiple types of views; I particularly liked the “Bottom-Split” view, but others may have their own preferences. The v.20 interface is clunky and has limited ability to adjust the width of certain frames, such as the Summary/Edit/PDF frame on the right-hand side.

Please take all the suggestions in this thread into account in the development of v.21!

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It’s as if the designers of the new version weren’t actually experienced in using the software practically. They have closed down various useful options, removed useful keystroke combinations, even removed the use of RETURN to open a selected entry which is surely a standard move in all kinds of programs. Most irritating is the impossibility of changing the size of the left-hand pane (especially on a laptop screen which doesn’t have a lot of space) and of putting the reading pane at the bottom as used to be the case. I only changed ‘up’ because my employer (a university) did, so I had to install it on my own laptop for compatibility. I wish I hadn’t had to. I have voiced my complaints to the university, so I hope they pass them on. — Do we have ANY evidence that Clarivate reads these posts of ours?

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Yes. Sort of… (click on it to see the full post, as the important parts are not visible in the box below)

However, their response is for me to say what my top 3 problems are because I reposted and tagged one of the dev team. IT doesn’t appear that they are actually reading, collating and noting the feedback on this forum. I hope to be proved wrong on this point.

It seems the new UI is a panic reaction because of the competition from other programs. My view is they seem to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Yes to a new UI, but don’t kill features the installed user base rely on.