Bring back X9 user interface

I find the user interface of Endnote X9 far better than the new v20. The visuals of the menues and windows are more clear and straightforward in X9 in my opinion. I also dislike the fact that context menu (right click) is disabled in certain windows, e.g. in the search area above the main window. I would like to have the option to switch back to the X9 user interface.

I would also ask Clarivate to bring back the “reference summary” function. I gave me the option to see which group a reference is in.


I 100% agree. I like the option of viewing a group under which a reference is placed in X9. They removed the option when we right-click on a reference. The new interface including menus and options on version 20 are worse than X9. Another example is the location of the layout window. They fixed the location on the right. Who wants to read a PDF file in such a small space by compromising the rest of the reference info? If you don’t know what to improve, don’t do any and cut the price down or keep it low. End users will be happy then.

As a touch-typer who would rather not use the mouse the new User interface is really frustrating. For instance the reference type drop down list won’t let you use the keyboard: this has never been great as it only recognised first letter. And then you cannot use the tab to get into the next field. These are basic things that all data entry does and you ought to expect from EN.

Very much agree. It is like this interface is designed for smart phones.

I’ve been using Endnote for about 10 years. This latest change from Endnote 9 to 20 has fixed some issues, but it is a much clunkier interface and has lost one key function that I think was probably very commonly used. Can you please put it back?

Very often, in earlier versions I would use the “summary” view in the right hand panel to check how the reference will look in my bibliography. It is a very quick, efficient way to catch some common entry errors. I would also use that view to copy and paste references to include in communications, a syllabus, presentations, etc. Now, to get that, I have to create a word document and do a citation, and copy from the endnotes of that document.

As it is currently configured, the Summary panel is pretty useless.

I also very much miss the quick simplicity of Alt+F2 to cite while I write. It no longer works.

Finally, the whomping big symbols for things that used to sit discretely at the top of the screen now unnecessarily takes up lots of space on my library panel that lists documents. It is like Endnote has been redesigned for use on smart phones. Your designers may be trained and accustomed to creating designs for smart phones, but if you’re doing serious writing, it is unlikely you’re going to do that on a smart phone.

These features were some of the benefits of Endnote over Zotero, but without them I might as well use Zotero.