Charater problems when importing references online

Hello all

Any one have this problem???

When geting references online i got strange charaters in the references like that

ˆOs ‰ilhavos e os murtoseiros na emigraÐcÄao portuguesa

ˆO ‰espaÐco migratÂorio luxemburguÃes

this is anoying, and i can’t solve it. At the strange  signs should be portuguese accentuation on words like that:

emigraÐcÄao = emigração

migratÂorio = migratório

Anyone could help me on that. i use the X1 version for Aveiro University.



In EndNote, click on Edit>Connection Files and open the connections manager.

Scroll down to the connection for U Aveiro, highlight it and click on the Edit button.

When the edit window opens, click on Connection Settings on the left hand side.

On the right-hand side, find the setting for “Text” and use the drop down menu to change it to Unicode (UTF-8).

Close the edit window and save the changes when prompted.

The connection file should import diacritics correctly now.

A faculty member has a new computer with EndNote X2.  The user’s old library converted into the new version but many citations are in Turkish and all the diacritics were lost during the upgrade (the faculty member did not actually manually upgrade – she got a new computer with the new version installed).  How can she apply the diacritics to the references already in her library?

If she kept the same library (the .enl file) and opened it in the new version, I don’t think she would have lost the diacritics.

In her new version of EndNote, is she using a display font that supports Turkish diacritics? Click on Edit>Preferences>Display Fonts. The fonts under the “Library” and “General” tabs are the ones that you might need to change. Try a Unicode font such as @Arial Unicode MS or Lucida Sans Unicode.

I seem to remember when migrating from EN7 to ENX, we did lose some diacritics… due to the Unicode conversion?  But you are correct we also had to make sure they were visualized with a unicode compliant font. 

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