Combining endnote references from different WORD documents into one file

I am preparing my thesis and now need to merge 10 WORD files, each with its own formatted list of Endnote references at the end, into one big FILE.

How do you do this so as to avoid duplicates?



Do you want one list at the end? (note added, I see that you do- so I have added further infomation to this message.)

Are they using one library or multiple libraries? 

If one library, there shouldn’t be duplicates, so it works best if you unformat all the chapters, join them and reformat, you should be fine.  If there are multiple libraries with duplicates, you still should be fine, as long as those duplicates are pretty similar and you have access to the libraries and your preferences are properly set to combine duplicates, which is the default setting.   

Hi Leanne

I am using one library.

But where should I be when I unformat and then reformat the chapters? In WORD or in Endnote?


Actually, I don’t know what you mean by “unformat them and then reformat them”.

Which options do I choose in the WORD Endnote toolbar?



I think I have done what you suggest but the pc seems to be “stuck” with this message saying “Assigning Hyperlinks”…

I don’t think I need hyperlinks. 

You don’t mention what version of MS Word you’re using but for 2007 and 2010, the command in the EndNote tab (in the MS ribbon) is: Convert to Unformatted Citations (see attached image).

The idea is to:

  1. With the EndNote library open, work  in MS Word to  unformat (convert) the formatted citations in the 10 MS Word files (also helps to work with backup files in the event something accidentally goes wrong during the process). (This means to select the Convert to Unformatted Citations option.)

  2. Now combine the 10 (backup) files into a single document;

  3. Finally, return to the EndNote tab in MS Word and select: Update Citations and Bibliography - which will “re-format” the unformatted citations.


All done.

Happy customer.

Sorry - I am not familiar with this forum and could not find the replies until now!


There is also a tick box to untick to remove the hyperlinking.  For a long document, this can affect performance and if you don’t need them hyperlinked to the bilbliography, you can untick the box. See image for the option (which is ticked here).