Convert document from Zotero to Endnote

I need to convert a document with Zotero references to Endnote references. I understand that I can export and import the library from Zotero to Endnote, but what do I do about the actual citations inside the Word doc - how do I convert them to point to the right Endnote references, without manually changing each one?

Does Zotero allow you to “unformat” the citations to a unconverted form?  If so, what do they look like?

Can you create a new output style to  “format” the zotero formated document to a citation format that looks like an endnote temporary/unformatted  citation  {Author, YEAR pages}  or maybe {Author, Year} and you may have to choose the right endnote citation.  

Interesting!! I’ll have to install Zotero. I’ve never used it - I got a document from someone who does, and I need to merge it with mine and convert to Endnote (which is what I use). I can’t install Zotero into Word (I don’t want to mess up my Endnote usage) so I’ll have to figure out what I can install it into so as to be able to mess around with citation styles. Thx!


  EndNote X9.3.3 (Bld. 13966)

  Recently I’ve got a Word DOCX document full of Zotero fields from a Zotero geek. :smiley:

  Besides, he also shared the whole library in RIS format and I successfully imported it to the EndNote.

  Could you suggest a way to safely convert the Zotero-pollinated DOCX to an EndNote friend, please?

Thank you.

Technical support suggested the following workflow.

  1. Import the library from Zotero into EndNote (

2) Once done then make a backup of the target Word document.

  1. Press [Ctrl]+A on the keyboard to highlight everything.
  2. Press [Ctrl]+6 to remove the field codes. Then the Zotero field codes will look like (Clavier et al., 2003).
  3. Now you can click on ‘Update citations and Bibliography’ within the EndNote X9 tools in Word. You will receive ‘Select Matching references’ window from which you will need to match the references correctly (

This will convert all the citations in the document to EndNote citations.

Hi, this didn’t quite work. Unlinking the Zotero citations doesn’t give the field codes with delimitors, and Endnote doesn’t recognize Zotero field codes. Any other suggestions please? Thanks!

Hi,  I followed the procedure but the CRTL+6 doesnt work for every WORD version. I had to do CTRL SHIFT F9 in order to remove the field codes and then, I was able to continue and convert my word file with endnote references. 

Hope this helps,