Create an Endnote output style for a new journal


I am just wondering how to create a new output style for a new journal and make it available to download from the journal page or add it to Endnote styles archive?

Thank you in advance 

If an Output Style is missing or needs updating to match the publisher requirements, you can submit a request through the EndNote Request Form:  more suggestions are in the two knowledgebase articles below. and

Thank you Leanne,

I mean a new style that will be available for authors to be download “download citation” and to be opened in an Endnote library, so it can be formatted in any format in a manuscript whatever the journal style requirement!  

Is this the same as any style available in the Endnote output styles, and all what one need is to make a new style and save it as file and upload it to the published article as a link “Download citation”?

So a new filter or connection file?  Or are you asking that the journal have an “export” option compatible with Endnote?  Usually they have a RIS if not an Endnote export option.  

Yes, an export citation function: making a special style and offer the possibility to export it as a RIS file. 

Is this an Endnote matter or a publisher question? 

Shouldn’t be easy to do it?

If you are looking to implement a Direct Export option to send information from an online database to the EndNote desktop program, please see this article: