Creating a table in word and linking it to a reference


I’m currently using Endnote X.0.2 and I am very new at it!  I’ve discovered that I can insert a figure from an Endnote reference into my Word document, but that I can only store one figure in each reference.  I’d like to create a table for a particular reference and not store it as a figure, as I may need to use more than one table.  Is there any way I can create a table in Word in the normal way, but have it linked to Endnote so that it can still be included in my Figures and Tables contents page and references?



Our experience with using Endnote to handle figures and tables, was disappointing, due to it not being very flexible.  We decided to use the more adaptable (albeit tricky and poorly documented) tools that MS Word provides, particularly when it comes to thesis or book writing.

In the case of Journals, they prefer high quality images and don’t want tables or figures imbedded in the manuscript itself. Hence, in light of this kind of feedback from long time users, I don’t think that Thomson is expending much time or energy into this facet of the program.  But, as it is always dangerous to “remove” preexisting functionality, a fact they have found out to their cost in the past, they leave it in the program.  Sorry, I can’t be more encouraging.

I for one, would prefer they focus on maintaining and improving the bibliography and reference managment aspects of the program.  Remember: The more functionality they include, the more tips and tricks that are needed to FIND them all!  Be careful what we ask for, is my advice to us users! :wink:

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