CWYW in X2 and Mac Word 2004

I’m having issues connecting the two programs (Endnote X2 and Word 2004). I followed what the FAQ told me to do and figured out that my “This command is not available because a document window is not active” really means that VB doesn’t work in my version of Word 2004. Then the FAQ goes on the describe what to do in all versions of Word BEFORE 2004. How do I make VB work/reappear/reinstall?

Here’s what the FAQ says:

If you receive a message such as “Could not load macro storage” or some other macro-related message, it is possible to force Word X and earlier to rebuild some of its Visual Basic preferences.

I tried putting in the original Word 2004 cd and only reinstalled VB in Word, but that ended up crashing Office until I force quit Word. 

Please help?


Finally figured it out. So apparently there’s a bug in Word that doesn’t allow for long hard drive names. Or even oddly capitalized ones (MaC, for instance). So once I changed my harddrive name to “mac”, VB worked, which allowed for Endnote to work. Hopefully this helps someone else that may have this problem, as well.