Development of a Plugin for data export to other programs/webservices

I am building a webservice for a project. In it we want to have references to publications. The editing team uses Endnote to manage and share relevant publications. I now want to share some information of these publications with my own web application. Customer Service already told me there is no external API to access the Endnote database. However, there is this plugin SDK.

I have found the ‘ENDNOTE RSSERVICE API 2.5 SDK’ and skimmed through it. However, i am not a C++ developer, maybe you can help me a little to understand what i can do with the SDK?
As i understand it, the SDK allows me to write a plugin for Endnote. This would then be loaded by the program on start and allow me to perform certain actions. For example i can get all entries in the DB and details about each. From that point i should be able to export some fields to my own webservice, say for example in the RIS-format (as i learned, RIS-Export is a plugin by itself?), or sending HTTP-requests to my server.

Also i should be able to add a button to the user interface to trigger some action manually.

Are these assumptions correct and i could build such a plugin, or am i missing some other easy way to keep my db somewhat in sync with the Endnote database of the editors?

thanks a lot in advance and kindest regards