Direct Export filter options

I know how to choose a different filter when importing and when connecting.  But when I do direct export from Web of Science, can I choose a different filter somehow?  I’m a science librarian, and a professor I’m helping  needs to get article numbers into his citations.  So we have written up instructions for him, showing him how to change the ISI filter so that it puts article numbers into page number field.  We also wrote up instructions for editing an output style to include article numbers.  But when you do direct Export from WOS, you cannot choose what filter it uses to get the data into the fields.  So if you’re doing it that way, you have to make your changes to the original ISI-CE filter. 

I prefer saving the file of WoS citations to my desktop, then Importing from EN.  I was able to make a copy of the ISI-CE filter, and when I Import, I just select that one instead.  But the professor prefers Direct Export from WoS, so we wanted to tell him how to do it with the method he’s used to.

It’s not a big deal; if someone messes up the original filter, we can just download an unedited copy from the EN website.  However, if there is a way to tell it “whenever you get a direct export from WoS, use this filter instead,” we would sure be interested in knowing it.  Thank you!

Nevermind- talked with EN support.  They say the Direct Export will alwayse use the default filter.  It’s not something you can change.  Got my answer!

thanks for reporting back!  even if it wasn’t the answer you wanted.