edit & manage citations > not working anymore (Word 2011)

I’ve recently upgraded to Office 2011 (for Mac) and am using EndNote Web.

All is peachy and good, except that I can’t seem to edit & manage citations anymore.

Specifically (in a multi-reference citation), I want to move an earlier reference to the front of the others, so that the references are in chronologic order.

Previously, I’d click on “edit & manage citations” for that reference block, and then had the option of moving the references within that citation up or down. That option was previously located on the left side of the box, but it seems to have disappeared now. 

Can anyone help me with this? Many thanks in advance :smiley:

In Word 2011, go to the Tools menu and choose “Cite While you Write Preferences” Here, what’s the Version # you see listed? (the current one would read 17.X.X.XXX)

With those tools installed I am still seeing the arrows for moving citations up and down in the text. Note this will not affect many author/date styles, as these styles will format grouped citations per a sort defined in the style itself (typically alphabetically).

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply. The CWYW version number is

What you describe doesn’t seem to match up wtih my problem, though, so I’ll reiterate to make sure we’re on the same page.

The issue arises when I want to “Edit Citation(s) → More” (option when right clicking a citation within the body of my text). Previously, in the screen that arose there was a small tool to the left which allowed you to move a citation up or down (forward or back) within the context of a group of citations. That tool is no longer present since I upgraded to Word 2011. The only tool remaining is the one of the right side of the screen which alllows you to Edit Library Reference, Remove Citation, Insert Citation, or Update From My Library…

I look forward to your thoughts.

Many thanks,


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Hi Christine and Colin,


I have the exact same issue (and same version number too).

Any solution yet?




Hi MayaStina,

I realise that this post may be somewhat outdated. However, I have chosen to post my solution this as it seems to be a common issue.

For an unknown reason, when I updated my Endnote I also lost this ordering feature.

To remedy the situation, check that your Edit & Manage Citations page is ordered by “Citations”, rather than Count or Library.

To do this, highlight a citation > Edit Citation(s)  > More > Click the “Citation” ribbon.

This fixed the issue for me and I can now reorder my citations manually.  I hope this works for you (and other users).

Best regards,