editing custom fields using the change fields option

Hi there

I’m using the desktop version of Endnote 8

I regularly edit/annotate selected custom fields using the change fields option to show (for example) which database a record has come from or whether we have ordered the paper. It may be to annotate all the records in a library or only some of them

In the past any changes made were immediately visible in the list view mode of the library but recently I have had to close and then reopen the library to be able to see and check that the changes have been made. This is creating extra steps in the process and I’d like to revert back to the previous state if possible but I cant see anything relevant in the help

Any ideas how to do?

Greetings KathWright,

You’re most likely running into an issue that cropped up in EndNote X8.1, where the reference preview panel doesn’t update dynamically.  This issue has been reported to Development and appears slated to be fixed in the next EndNote X8 update.  For now, you’d want to click off the library record after making a change, then back on to that particular record to view the updated reference preview panel.

Please let me know if this works for you. 

thanks very much Jimmy. I’ll wait until the next update then - hope it’s soon!

best wishes