Endnote 20: Line spacing too large

I have the same issue, lost workflow functionality because the spacing is too wide and no capacity to change it - bring back the option of classic view, this new view is ugly and not easy to work with


How exactly is Endnote 20 an improvement? I feel angry. Get some UX who are social scientists, not bloody visual artists. When need visual functionality not aesthetics. That is my suggestion for product improvement

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This problem has kept me using version 9. I have contacted Endnote support twice about this. I don’t understand why they have not fixed this issue that many people have with v20.

I completely agree. This uses far too much space between the lines for a desktop application and makes working with Endnote much slower than before. Please add an option to reduce line spacing.

I agree. Within 10 seconds of seeing the new “modern” disaster of an interface, I knew I made a mistake. Unfortunately, my university does not store old copies so we can’t revert to X9.  I was able to change font sizes but that still did not help the cartoonish, space-wasting interface. It is just so painful and awkward to look out and find references I want to delete this software and move to Mendeley or Zotero but I have a grant due in 1.5 weeks. 

Please. Bring. Back. The. X9. Interface!!!

Completely agree. I would seriously think going back to X9 or change to XXXXX.

Completely agree. I seriously think going back to X9. People who consider upgrading to 20 should experience it with free trial.

November 2020… first complaining about line spacing too large and a solution is offered in 20.3 version in April 2022: 1 year 1/2 to correct this bug !!!
But the 20.3 version in Mac has bugs in sort fields and rapid search ! Probably we will have a solution in 2024 !