Endnote 20 formate library view

I have just upgraded to Endnote 20 and the first major frustration I have encountered is how big everything is, which is very awkward when I am using it on my laptop as I can hardly see any reference with it open.  On a small laptop screen I want to be able to see my endnote library and the doc I am working on at the same time and the current format is a real frustration.  I have worked out that using Display Font in Preferences (Windows) I can reduce the size of the font but this does nothing to the size of the gaps between the entries.  Both the vertical spaces and horizontal spaces between the columns are massive.  The (vertical) gaps stay the same and I could fit a whole other entry in that space.  Is there some setting I am missing that lets me adjust this space? 

The other issue is how wide the top section of the library window, and side toolbar is.  The size of both seems to be fixed no matter the size of the font. The size toolbar is huge and the top takes up 1/3 of my laptop window, neither of which seem to be adjustable.  In x9 the icons and search window were in one line.  With each of these put on a new line and the addition of tabs, I can barely read anything.  Is there a setting where I can reduce the size of the icons and rearrange the icons and the search bar so they are all on one line?

I have reduced the size of the display font and reduced the columns (image attached) to show how limited my view is now is.  Any recommendations would be welcome because it seems crazy that they would redesign the program and not test it out on 13" laptop screens

Yep, I second that! The UI of EN 20 is a mess. The dark frame in light mode doesn’t fit, and at least I’m not able to find a setting for changing that. The space in the reference list is way to large. What a waste of screen estate. 

In my case it’s back to EN 19. 100 bucks spent for nothing…

Oh well…