EndNote 20 on Mac - 2 problems

There are two problems with EndNote 20 on Mac which require solution:

  1. If one types a new reference, including - as I often do - a synopsis of the reference in the research notes field, then closes the reference and attempts to print the data, the text of the synopsis is truncated, cutting off several words at the end of each line. This occurs even if one uses the (awkward) procedure of saving the reference as a PDF and then opening it in that form. (If one prints the reference BEFORE closing it, the problem does not occur. However, it is then impossible to close the reference, open it again and make amendments before printing.)

  2. It is impossible, either on screen or in printed form, to hide empty fields, a very useful feature of previous versions of the software. One is forced to scroll through a reference or - if printing - waste a lot of paper in showing fields which are entirely irrelevant to one’s use of the software.)

All in all, I seem to have paid over £100 for an upgrade that is inferior to my previous version.