EndNote and EndNote Web forums combined

In order to make it easy to decide where a question should be posted, and to be sure community members see all posts that might be of interest, we’ve decided to combine the EndNote and EndNote Web forums by moving the EndNote Web boards in to the EndNote boards.

You can now ask questions about EndNote on the desktop or EndNote on the web in any of the Endnote discussion areas.

This change does mean that you’ll need to make sure to specify which one you’re talking about. As always, include your EndNote version, OS and Word Processor information. They’ll help others respond to questions quickly and accurately.

If you had set up any email subscriptions or RSS feeds set up for any of the EndNote Web specific boards, you’ll need to update your board subscription settings or revise your RSS feeds with the corresponding EndNote boards.

Thank you,

The EndNote Team

Could the messages be resorted by their  respective date?  I  see the utility of combining the two forums into one but it would be helpful to see them in chronological order.  I was just about the reply to a message then noticed it was posted in 2009.

This is something we noticed and are trying to resolve, and had hoped wouldn’t be an issue by now.  If it’s not something we’re able to fix, however, with the activity these forums see the older threads should drop down fairly quickly and become a non-issue.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please fix the link on your support page: http://www.endnote.com/support/ “Join the EndNote Web Discussion Forum More…” The “More…” link points to the old EndNote Web forums (http://forums.thomsonscientific.com/ts?category.id=EndNoteWeb), and it gives me an “Access denied” error that is very confusing. I lost 10 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong… It’s nice to have support forums, but it’s annoying when the users point out to the company they pay money to that they have broken links! Sorry if I am misunderstanding. Thanks!