EndNote and macOS Big Sur

Apple are releasing their new operating system tomorrow - macOS 11 (Big Sur).  Does anyone know if EndNote X9 works with this OS? If not, will EndNote 20 work whenever it arrives?

Also want to know this. I think the more appropriate question is whether Big Sur will be supported from its day of release or whether we have to wait a little while. Since I upgraded less than a year ago to X9, I am not even entertaining the possibility that support for the latest macOS will be dropped so soon.

For those who may wish to know, EndNote X9.3.3 works on Big Sur. In fact it runs a bit more smoothly, though there is still sluggishness when inserting citations – as there has been with every version of EndNote I’ve used since upgrading to X8 from X7. But that’s another story.

+1 to Endnote X9.3.3 working on macOS Big Sur

tested the Word CWYW plugin-in, that works too.

Works OK for me too. Sync may in fact be a bit smoother/faster but that is subjective.

Is anyone having problems with the mac laptop running hot when using EndNotes9 and Big Sur?  I am.

Is anyone having problems with the mac laptop running hot when using EndNotes9 and Big Sur?  I am.

Is anyone also using the new m1 chip to test this ? 

I have problem with endnote after installing it on the new MacBook Air with M1 processor and Big Sur. When will the utdatert be avaible which support the changes made on Big Sur/ or related to the new mac processor? I am not sure if it is Big Sur og the M1 processor which create problems.

hmmm - standalone EN app seems to be OK here but having no luck with the CWYW Word 2016.bundle.   Could you please share your version info, wondering if there’s a trick here …

Does the cite while you write function work? I’m using X9.3.3 and Word 365 and don’t get support for this add-in.

Hi there, 

I just got a new mac (big Sur) and upgraded to Endnote 9.3.3

Running word 16.51

I can’t seem to get CWYW working

I followed the instructions on the clarivate endnote website. 

I also tried to manually copy in the bundle but my mac won’t let me into the Office 365 folder because I don’t have “permission”

Could anyone help me get CWYW working?

Many thanks

You have to give EndNote permission under Settings / Security & Privacy / Automation (at least I think that’s the submenu EndNote is under).