EndNote Community Forum Code of Conduct

We want the EndNote Community Forum to be home to a productive, constructive discourse.  To keep the discussion as valuable as possible to the members, we ask that users review and adhere to the following rules and standards.  Postings that do not adhere to this Code of Conduct will be removed and may result in membership revocation.

The Forums are open to everyone; however, you must be a registered member to post a reply to the articles.  Anonymous postings are prohibited. 

Any message posted to the Forums must be related to the article under which it is posted. 

Do not post profanity, harassing or libelous messages, or copyrighted content.

Do not use the Forums for the promotion of any business, product or service.

Avoid religious or political issues. Do not post, distribute or disseminate views or materials that espouse political views or solicit for political candidates.

Clarivate assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or usefulness of information in any materials posted by users on the Forums, nor does it endorse any posted opinions or recommendations, and will be held harmless for information posted by participants.

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