Endnote for Mac [Slow / Lagging Issue (not in MS Word)]

Dear Sir/Madam

I am using Macbook Pro Retina 2012 with 16GB ram and 512 SSD. The OSX version is 10.10.5 (Yosemite). I have to admit that Endnote for Mac has been very helpful in my doctoral research except that it is laggy and slow in response time (i.e. general navigation in the main library view, such as selecting references, scrolling up and down). In comparison, I tried running my librarby in a PC with an average specification (i5, 4GB ram, and no SSD), and it works like a charm - highly responsive and smooth with zero delay. 

My library has 240 entries with 140 pdf, which is not huge. I have also disabled sync and functions that would consume CPU power, let alone turning on other apps. The same situation can reproduce in other Macbook models, including Air and iMac. Therefore, I assume that it is a universal phenomenon for Mac. I strongly recommend Mac users that they should try running their library on a PC and feel the difference. I sincerely hope that a solution could be provided regarding the issue. Thank you.


Wayne Wong 

To add one more piece of information, my library has 50 smart groups. I’m not sure if this affects the performace in general. What I can assure you is that the same situation cannot reproduce in PC, regardless of the number of smart group. Thank you.

At least on the PC, performance issues arrise if there are too many output styles (perhaps it also applies to connection and import filter files) installed during program installation.  – Did you install more during the Mac installation than the “default” selection, than on the PC that might have affected the comparison?  

Thanks for your prompt reply. Default installation was chosen. After multiple tests, it seems that hiding the groups could slightly increase the performance. Furthermore, I have tried to delete all smart groups and it also seems better. I have to disable group view now when using navigating my library, which is very inconvenient. I would appreciate it if your team could look into the problem concerning the increasing number of smart group. 

I am a user, not an Endnote employee.  I woould put that into the suggestions forum.  

It’s okay. I have found out that the root of the problem is “groups”. Whenever the group view is turned on and a scrolling action is done on the left pane (i.e. scrolling up and down of the groups), there is a significant decrease in performance. The performance drop would persist until the group view is turned off again.