Endnote for windows 10

Hi, I was just wondering if Endnote is compatible with Windows 10. Has anyone upgraded and tried to run it?

I’d love to upgrade but I don’t need the hassle of reverting back to windows 8 just to reference.


I don`t like.In my oppinion is to hard to navigate on it.

I`m agree with mxhost.

Sounds like you’ve tried it. Any problems with EndNote?

Taffer I tried it and I didn`t have any problem with EndNote but it’s to complicate for me.

Now Ive again w8 because its more easy to use.

I think that mxhost and petrifalean are agree with me.

Thanks for the responses! I think I’ll wait until the end of the year to experiment with new software.

X7.4 just released states compatibilty with Windows 10 in the notes.