Endnote Online account locked to license in X20

I just had a lengthy troubleshooting session with your support to fix a sync issue. Your support was patient and we were able to work through the problems, and I appreciate that. However, during this process I learned that in x20, you cannot change the Endnote Online account linked to a particular license.

This is a major problem for previous version users like myself who have multiple Endnote Online accounts, sometimes with different institutions and projects. I have no way of unlinking a particular account from a license,as it is locked in. It is also a problem when I purchase licenses for a research assistant for a particular research project, and they accidentally sync to another Endnote Online account (like their student account) the first time they use the software, and I cannot change it to the correct Endnote Online account being used for that project.

At the very least, I think this issue should be clearly documented in your support pages so that users make sure that they link the right account to the license. As a PI, I realize now that I have to make very specific and explicit instructions when research assistants install the software.

I also request that Clarivate introduces a process that allows users to change the Endnote Online account associated with a particular license. The lack of flexibility is causing me a lot of grief as I am unable to export or sync references from a previous Endnote Online account to my new one. Thank you.