EndNote Shared Library won't accept new invites

I have a shared library with 17 people. I went to add one more person but the “The library cannot accept more invites”. I am on X9.2. Any suggestions gratefully received

Hi Knav! It could be that your EndNote Online account has recently reverted from a Premium subscription to Basic, due to EndNote Premium subscriptions being only valid for 2 years (prior to EndNote 21’s 3-year Premium subscription entitlement). Under Basic subscription, the EndNote users’ library-sharing ability will be limited.

You can check your account’s status by logging into EndNote Online using the same credentials that you used to log into the EndNote Desktop app.

EndNote Online link: https://www.myendnoteweb.com/

Then, click on the “Options” tab > “Subscriptions”. An active Premium subscription would look something like below:

If there’s anything amiss, it would be best to contact endnote.support@clarivate.com so that they can advise further on the status of your account and provide alternatives or resolution.