EndNote X2 and Word 2003 does not work under Win7 64 bit any more


I have a problem probably with a cooperation of EndNote X2 and Word 2003 under Windows 7 64 bit. This configuration was working fine for more than 6 months but probably some system/application  update caused the following:

After opening a document in Word 2003 with citations prepared by EndNoteX2 (EndNoteX2 is not running), a very long sequences of symbols instead of number -e.g. [1]- appear.

I tried to copy such a sequence into this window, but it appeared normally here - [1] instead of a long sequence of symbols!!

This also applies only when “Print view” is set in Word 2003. Alternatively, the text looks normally when “For Reading view” is set. I re-installed both EndNote X2 and Word 2003 without any success. Can anyone help me with? Thanks a lot.


You are seeing the contents of the “field” and altF9 will revert it back to the expected view. 

Thanks a lot, it really works!! :slight_smile: