Endnote X2 crashes at start up, continued

I have encountered problem discussed Mar 2009.  Scenario is similar:  user uninstalled Office 2003 and Endnote X2; user installed Office 2007, Endnote X2.  Standalone X2 crashes at startup.  Endnote appears in Word 2007 meno, but cannot start Endnote from Word either.

I have repaired, reinstalled as suggested Mar 09, but have NOT twiddled with registry - yet.  Anyone have suggestions for deleting Endnote registry entries, or can one proceed wholesale and delete ALL Endnote registry entries?  Thanks.

from 2009:  

Re: Endnote X2 on XP crashes right from start!!! URGENT! 

03-12-2009 02:50 PM

Tech support tech helped well. Repairing from isntallation window didn’t help. We went to Documents and settings, found Endnote directory and deleted it. (I think I did it before and it didn’t help ). Then we went to registry, home user, blabla, endnote, deleted entry. Restarted (!). That helped. All is back to normal. Thanks G-d!