EndNote X7.5 update not working in Word 2016: "refresh token" issue?

I just installed the X7.5 update and it looks like there is a problem with the Add-on in Word 2016 (as mentioned in a comment to the release notification).

  • I wasn’t prompted to authorize access to the .plist
  • Most buttons on the Ribbon only trigger a beep
  • Formatting citations in from the Ribbon does simply nothing…

I looked in the Console on my Mac and every time I click on a button, I see entries like this one:

2/2/16 13:41:01.166 Microsoft Word[60270]: ADALiOS [2016-02-02 18:41:01 - 294164B3-E4DE-4592-8A6D-63C4753DC107] ERROR: Error raised: 7. Additional Information: Domain: ADAuthenticationErrorDomain ProtocolCode:invalid_grant Details:AADSTS70002: Error validating credentials. AADSTS70008: The provided authorization code or refresh token is expired. Send a new interactive authorization request for this user and resource.
Trace ID: d21ea53a-22e2-4f55-b989-911839dd9c97
Correlation ID: 294164b3-e4de-4592-8a6d-63c4753dc107
Timestamp: 2016-02-02 18:41:02Z. ErrorCode: 7.

It looks like there is a security validation issue…


I think I found a solution…

  • I quit EndNote and trashed the ~/Library/Preferences/com.ThomsonResearchSoft.EndNote.plist file.
  • I then relaunched EndNote and re-did all the customization I previously had in the Preferences.

After that, I was able to launch Word 2016 and to get everything working again.


Thank you, but this did not work for me. At the moment, Word is completely unusable for me due to the update. It fails to start and/or crashes when quitting the app. I will now uninstall X5 and try to go back to an older version of Endnote. But hey, it’s not that I really have an important deadline to meet and desperately need Word… :-/

Is no one  calling tech support?  

I did call Tech Support…

I was desperately waiting on the line for so long I had enough time to figure out a solution that worked (at least in my case).


I really have no hope that they could help, as apparantly they are unable to develop a working release for Word 2016. I am now back to X2 and happy that I can use Word again and the CPU is not in constant overdrive. Word still crashes when quitting. I really don’t have the time for this kind of sh*t at the moment.

You can remove the current Word 2016 integration by deleting the /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office365/User Content.localized/Startup.localized/Word/EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle

The integration in Word 2011 should work fine too (providing you kept a copy of Word 2011 of course).


Dear Corentin,

Thank you so much for helping me, but I guess this is part of the problem: I do not have the path /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office365 on my Mac. 

I see the path in Word under “Extras / Add-ins” when selecting the Endnote bundles but it is not present when accessing the Library. Moreover, if I try to remove the Endnote bundles in Word’s Add-in menu, Word crashes.

I wouldn’t do it witin Word itself. I’d quit Word, and I’d remove the bundle in the Finder in /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office365/User Content/Startup/

The problem is that I do not have this path in the Library. I have a Microsoft folder, but no “Office365” inside.

I see… I wonder where the bundle was installed then.

That’s where it ended up in my case.

I suspect you could copy it manually there from the EndNote folder itself, but you’d probably would have to also delete the other one that’s installed and that seems to trigger your crashes.


I guess so as well. However, thank you for your help in any case! I opened a trouble ticket with TR’s technical support and posted a query in the “how to” forum where another user seems to have a similar problem.

This is so frustrating that after months and months of waiting for this patch TR made the situation even worse. It is beyond belief for me that a big company like TR can screw up like this. As I am responsible for the software in our research group, I will start looking into alternatives for Endnote. The loss of time incurred is really detrimental to our current project. This sucks.

Keep in mind that the “Library” folder in question is not the one under your local user account, but rather the one under your Hard Drive:

“[Hard Drive Name] : Library : Application Support : Microsoft : Office365 : User Content : Startup : Word”

This is where you should find the “EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle” file. You should also make sure the following folder does not contain any EndNote items:

“Users : [your login name with the house icon] : Library: Group Containers : UBF8T346G9.Office : User Content.localized : Startup.localized : Word"

The name of some of these folders may vary based on the language of the operating system.

To get to this folder, click on the Go menu of your Finder and then press the “Option” key on your keyboard. Library should then appear as an option in the Go menu. Click this and proceed to “Group Containers : UBF8T346G9.Office : User Content.localized : Startup.localized : Word”

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I was indeed looking for the “Office 365” folder in the wrong location (in the directory of my local user acount). However, when I looked into the HD/Library folder, I found that the EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle file was already in the correct place. But then, I entered this very location as Startup folder in Word’s settings (there was no path specified before). Then I went under Extras/Add-ins in Word and ticked the box relating to the Endnote bundle. That did the trick and the Endnote ribbon appeared.

So, thank you very much for making me aware of the other library folder. This was of course my mistake although something must have gone wrong in the update process of Endote, as I belief that the Startup path in Word should have been defined when updating Endnote? Anyway, I hope this helps other users to solve similar problems. 

Now, back to my paper. Clock is ticking :wink:

A minor follow-up, as I still experience sporadic Word crashes.

Sometimes Word won’t start and when I start Word in safe mode (holding shift), the Endnote box in the Add-in menu is not ticked anymore. If I tick it manually, the Endnote ribbon reappears and Word works normal. Hence, what must I do to permanantly add the Endnote CWYW toolbar to Word (the normal.dot)? Plus, sometimes I receive an error message due to a “COM extension” - is this a related or a different problem? 

Thanks in advance for your help!