Endnote X7 and Word 2013

Help, please.  I have a document created in Word 2013 with references in footnotes using a slightly modified version of the Turabian Bibliography output style.  Formatting citations works fine, but when I try to convert to palin text, after it’s told me it wil create a new document, it shows an Endnote error “Bad Parameter” and goes no further.  Haven’t had this problem before.  Anyone have any ideas.



I suggest you make your own new copy (save as to new name) and then try  using Word tools to remove the fields.  I use select all  (ctrl A) then  ctrl+shift F9.  

Does that work for you?   

Thanks, Leanne,

I’ll try it that way, although I’ve just found that I could make the ‘Convert to plain text’ command work by saving my document as a .doc rather than a .docx.

Also, my apologies that I’ve only just now found your response to my similar question in Endnote General some time ago.  I hadn’t set up the notification of response.  Sorry to be so impolite!



no problem.  finding things in the forum, is not easy.