Export using Command line

Is it possible to export my EndNote library using a command prompt?  I have to create a batch file that will do this for one of our users that will run when they have made changes to the library.

Am I missing something about how to do this?  I haven’t been able to find anything on this subject.  I searched this forum and google and nothing about exporting endnote library using a batch file or through the command line.   I need to create the same file I do when I fo to file->Export and export my file with the EndNote Export output style.

Thank you

Maybe someone who lives in the “Endnote API” forum might be able to help?  Otherwise I would talk to Tech Support.  

At present, there is no command line option to export a library built into the software. I have moved your post to the EndNote API Forum. You can check to see if anyone has developed a plug-in to achieve the functionality you need.