Find Full Text using a somewhat incomplete library

Hello!  I have been handed a manuscript in which a 120+ reference list was typed out in Microsoft word.  I successfully used the import filter in EndNote to add all the references to my library (which I am very proud of).  However, I was only able to get the author, title, and year of publication.  The original author had an inconsistent formatting method for journal titles, volumes, issues, pages, etc.

What I am attempting to do now is use the “Find Full Text” feature to perhaps get all of the articles and thus create a library of complete citations.  I highlighted everything and clicked on the “Find Full Text” button, but EndNote was unable to find anything.  Is what I want to do possible?  How should I proceed?  Many thanks to all who respond, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Ian

I don’t think so.  The find full text uses things like urls, DOIs, and other information that would be available in records obtained from databases.  - It is always easiest to just bite the bullet and locate the references via a database and import them, even if there are 120 of them.